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General information

Fees - Please view our Management Services page for a break down of our services and fees.

Insurance - We require you to maintain "Owner, landlord and tenant" insurance. This coverage will protect you, the resident and us against a wide range of losses caused by unintentional hazard or unsafe conditions on your property. Your insurance company should have all this information.

Lease Renewals - When the current lease is due to expire, we re-evaluate the value of the property and negotiate a lease renewal with the tenant.

Marketing - We place a "FOR RENT" sign in the yard, place ads on many internet sites including our website and work with several leasing and locator services. We may also place ads in the Kansas City Star, American Classifieds and the Pitch (newsprint ads will be paid by property owner).

Nonpayment of Rent/Eviction - If the rent on a property has not been received by the 5th day of the month, a reminder notice is sent. If within a few days the rent still has not been received, we then post a 3 DAY NOTICE TO PAY RENT OR VACATE. When the 3 days have past with no rent received, the owner is notified to discuss filing for eviction. We use attorney's to submit the proper documents in order to process the eviction. The eviction process will typically take around 30 to 45 days from this point. Our attorneys are very aggressive and it is important to understand that no two evictions are alike and the costs vary.

Notice to Vacate - Tenants must give at least 30 days written notice to vacate along with their last month's rent. If tenant breaks the lease, he or she will be responsible for the remainder of the rent amount until such time the property can be re-rented.

Property Inspections - We do periodic drive-by's on the property. Also, each of our contractors must do a visual inspection of the property each time they visit. Our contractors look for damage, as well as check the smoke detector(s) & air filter. We encourage all owners to notify their neighbors that we will be handling the property in case a problem may arise.

Renovations - We will help you determine what repairs or modifications your property might need to increase or maintain its value.

Rent Collection - Rent is due on the first and delinquent after the 5th. The tenants are charged a late fee for rent payments made on or after the 6th.

Rental License or Registration - Almost all of the areas we manage have some kind of registration and/or license that the property owner is required to complete for their property.

Tenant Screening - Each prospective tenant must complete an application. We will then run a credit report, eviction search, verify past rental history, employment and/or income. Reports are then sent to the property owner for review and approval.

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