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Tenant Information

Our normal business hours are 8:00 am till 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. You may contact us during these hours at 816-561-8585 or email us at for your needs. If we miss your call, please leave a brief message and we'll return your call as soon as possible.

Procedure for calling in maintenance requests

Call in maintenance requests or send an email anytime. Before calling our office, see if you can correct the problem yourself. If you have any questions, contact us and we can assist you in making this repair. Do not call a repairman yourself as we will not reimburse you for this. Determine if it is an emergency or non-emergency repair as outlined below:


An emergency would include: Fire, natural gas or propane odor, electrical problems if endangering life or property,  flooding or backed up sewage.

For emergencies causing immediate danger, such as fire, call 911

For emergencies involving gas, leave the premises and contact your gas service provider from a neighbors house, or if necessary, call 911.

For emergencies involving an electrical danger, call your electric service provider, or if necessary, call 911.

For emergencies such as backed up sewage or flooding, call our office or after hours call our emergency number. Try to move any of your belongings which may get damaged to a safe area and away from the water.

Note: Heat, while not an emergency, is a high priority item. We will generally respond to this type of problem within 24 hours of receiving your call. In order to have your heat working as quickly as possible, please call our office as soon as you discover the problem.



These problems include air conditioning, dishwashers, broken windows, clogged sinks, dripping faucets, etc. Report these only during business hours or you may email us anytime.

Lockout Procedures


If you accidentally lock yourself out of your unit, call our office and we can try to assist you. Lockout requests are subject to a $40 charge unless we are already onsite.  

Other Information


Vacating Rental Unit: We require a 30 day written notice. This means we must receive notice from you in writing on the rent due date, 30 days prior to you vacating the rental unit. You may email this notice, fax it, hand deliver it, or mail it to our office. In addition to this, let us know by phone just in case your written notice is somehow lost in the mail.

Please be responsible and maintain your property in a clean and safe condition at all times, and for assuring you and your family live in an environment which will not cause harm to their health. If you are in a single family dwelling or duplex, you are also responsible for maintaining the lawn and landscape.

Excessive damages may be charged against your security deposit, or you may be given notice to repair damages or be evicted. This is an extreme situation where it is apparent that continued occupancy will cause significant harm to the property.

Pets or animals kept on the premises must be approved by the owner of the property. Some owners do not allow pets at all and some may have restrictions such as what type or size the animal is, and usually a pet deposit of $300.00 is required per pet. 

Please contact our office if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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